A Scheduled Overhaul

The wife of one of our pilots in Papua New Guinea, shares some thoughts about aircraft maintenance.

Scheduled maintenance of an airplane is not a surprising occurrence. It’s a well-known fact that engines and airframes do not last forever; they must be overhauled. In fact, regulations require it. Recently, one of our fleet of four Kodiaks underwent a 4,000-hour scheduled overhaul. It’s a huge amount of work for the technicians who perform this task. They must remove most of the major parts and systems so as to gain access to critical areas that need inspection. They must repair or replace Items they deem unfit to continue for another 4,000 hours. They remove the engine and replace it with an overhauled engine. When they finish, the aircraft is ready for another season of service.

Neglecting the maintenance of an airplane can have disastrous consequences. I’m grateful for diligent, precise mechanics who take their job seriously. Their attention to detail gives Steve confidence in the machines he flies. Pray with us that the technicians find all of the issues that need to be addressed as they inspect and repair our aircraft. My husband’s life depends on it as do the many passengers he transports.

Scheduled maintenance of the soul is just as important. We all need to examine, refresh, and renew our spirits. Reading and studying the Bible is a key tool in our spiritual checks and maintenance, especially in a language we understand well. That’s why we’re here—to provide access to God’s word in a language that can “overhaul” the heart of every Papua New Guinean.

Take care to maintain your souls.




Tracy Geis

Tracy Geis

Tracy and her husband, Steve, began serving in the Philippines in 1993. They later transitioned to Papua New Guinea, where they continue to fly and teach in support of Bible translation.