A New Year, a New Project!

Chris and Chuck Daly along with Bruce Powell traveled to Ethnos to get the 206. Photo shared by Chris Daly

Last month JAARS pilots Bruce Powell and Chuck Daly flew the airplane from Arizona to Waxhaw, where it will undergo a major inspection and be prepared to fly in Cameroon. At the end of this project, the plane will either be taken apart and shipped to Cameroon or, possibly, flown there!

This project is going to be even bigger and take longer than the Pilatus Porter PC-6 project last year, but Jon is looking forward to it.

Interesting Facts about this Project

  • Type of Airplane: Cessna 206
  • Where it came from: Ethnos 360 (one of our mission aviation partners) in McNeal, Arizona, no longer had a need for it and were willing to sell it to JAARS.
  • Amount of time to complete project: Ten months are planned.
  • Number of mechanics: Jon is the main inspector and at least four other mechanics will help on a regular basis. Many more will help at various times.
  • Types of repairs/modifications: Replacement of most of the radios; completion of a thorough corrosion and annual inspection; installation of a new engine, new prop, and new interior, including seats; other repairs/modifications as needed. It will also get a fresh coat of white paint with stripes (colors to be determined!).
  • Future plans: It will replace an airplane currently in use in Cameroon, Africa. The aging aircraft has logged more than 14,000 flight hours and needs to be retired from mission aviation.
  • Number of people it can fly: 6 people (including pilot and co-pilot).
  • Cool fact: In 2017—2018 Jon helped make the modifications for an R66 helicopter that went to the same place!
The Cessna 206 in the JAARS hangar and ready to begin the project!   Photo credit:  Jon Thomas

We are excited to take you along on the journey so keep a lookout on the JAARS FaceBook page and stay tuned for more to come!

Jon Thomas

Jon Thomas

Jon, his wife, Tina, and their four children served with YAJASI in Indonesia for six years before transitioning to JAARS in Waxhaw, North Carolina, in 2013. Jon is an airplane/helicopter mechanic in the JAARS hangar, and Tina works as a trainer with the Learning and Development Department at JAARS.