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Long years of service in the rugged, demanding flight conditions of Cameroon can wear on an aircraft like Tango Mike, a Cessna 206 serving out of Yaounde. Flight hours add up. Dust storms, lashing rain, unpaved and rutted runways—they all take their toll. Fatigue sets in. Tango Mike may need to retire … with honor.

The aviation team of SIL Cameroon, our partner based in Yaounde, places a high priority on ensuring the airworthiness of the aircraft in their fleet. Bible translators, language development staff, and medical workers depend on their mission aviation service for safe travel to and from hard-to-reach locations. In turn, the team depends on painstaking maintenance and up-to-date technology to keep their aircraft airworthy and efficient.

Why is JAARS needed?

Our partner in Cameroon has requested assistance from JAARS in upgrading their aviation fleet based in Yaounde.

Their 47-year-old Cessna 206 has served well—over 15,000 flight hours logged. But it now requires expensive, time-consuming maintenance to ensure its airworthiness. The long downtimes for maintenance—sometimes up to two months—negatively impact their ability to dispatch aircraft to serve Bible translation and mission needs. Also important are the benefits of modifications and newer technology that are available for a newer model C206. These upgrades can add to performance, efficiency, and safety of flight operations. Due to its age, these upgrades can’t be installed on their older model C206. It’s time for this veteran aircraft to retire.

How You Can Help


To support this project and others like it, please give to Transportation Solutions. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry!


Pray for the aviation team in Cameroon as they diligently work to maintain the current Cessna 206. Pray, too, for God to provide just the right replacement soon.

What is JAARS doing?

That’s where JAARS comes in: working to find and obtain just the right aircraft to fulfill our partner’s needs.

Research and experience indicate the best choice to replace the aging aircraft is a newer model C206 with fewer flight hours. Compared to other options, the C206 is the most versatile choice for the kind of flying our Cameroon partner performs. A newer model will permit the installation of the modifications and upgrades they need to improve performance, safety, and efficiency. Plus, maintaining an aircraft with fewer accumulated flight hours is less costly and requires less downtime.

Your gifts to Transportation Solutions will provide the funds to make the purchase, install the upgrades, and send the airplane to Cameroon.

Who will benefit?

In Cameroon, home to 270 languages, many thousands of people—separated by hundreds of miles—still have no Scripture in their language.

Roads are under-developed, some impassable during the rainy season. The Yaounde aviation team can provide safe, reliable air travel to and from remote locations.

For translators like Greg and Tracy McLean who have worked in remote villages in northwest Cameroon, road travel in mountain terrain was brutal and took several days in a 4WD vehicle. A short flight of a few hours left much more time for translation work. And they got to their work during the rainy season when road travel was impossible.

A translation team that needed to travel to a centralized location to conduct a workshop for representatives from several language groups found commercial air transport unreliable. Mission air transport got them there in a timely manner.

Personnel who conduct linguistic and translation training for Cameroonians at two national universities and a seminary can rely on the Yaounde aviation service for their transportation.

Medical workers like Dr. Jim and Ina Smith also need air transportation for their work at a Cameroon Baptist Convention mission hospital in Banyo. According to Daryl Young, one of Yaounde’s pilot-mechanics, “I’ve often heard Dr. Jim and Ina express that without our flight service helping them, they would have left Cameroon long ago: ‘The roads to Banyo are just too harsh for our mature bones.’”

Safe, dependable air transportation is a key solution to advancing the Bible translation process, overcoming the geographic barriers that often make the work so difficult. We invite you to partner with us as we come alongside our partner in Cameroon to provide the aircraft they need.

To support this project and others like it, please give to Transportation Solutions. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry!