Jaars Center


“I can’t translate the Bible. How can I further the work of Bible translation?”

As a JAARS advocate, you can play a part in helping people receive God’s Word in their heart language … right from where you live. Come alongside us to represent JAARS in your own spheres of influence: churches, schools, Bible studies, small groups. Share how Bible translation leads to transformed lives—and how anyone can join with us to make it possible in the most remote and difficult places around the world. We provide the training, resources, and support you’ll need, so that you can play a part in transforming people’s lives with the love of Jesus Christ.

Ready to make a difference?

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  • A vital personal relationship with Christ
  • Active in the ministry of your local church
  • Passionate about furthering Bible translation


  • One-year commitment
  • Present the ministry of JAARS to individuals and groups


Curious about the training, expectations, or other aspects of our advocacy program? Learn more here.

“I want to serve and advance translation to help get the Word of God into every language around the world. … Being an advocate is how God is calling me to do that.”

“My work is mostly one-on-one or through emails. I love it, and I feel I am doing just one small part of helping translators to do their job.”