Jaars Center

Develop Spiritually and Personally

During their apprenticeship, apprentices:

  • meet  bimonthly with disciplers. Each apprentice is prayerfully paired with a JAARS staff person who has felt called to mentor and walk alongside an apprentice. These meetings are individualized, depending on the pairing and their preferences, yet focused on discussion that will help prepare them spiritually for overseas deployment. Spouses of apprentices receive discipleship too, even if they are not apprentices themselves.
  • attend our Intercultural Communications Course and learn how to further their interpersonal skills and understand differing worldviews
  • deepen their relationship with God
  • live according to a biblical worldview, valuing God’s word
  • embrace God’s truth in their lives
  • practice regular spiritual disciplines
    • personal time with the Lord
    • prayer, petition, listening, and fasting
    • worship
    • Bible study
    • participation in a local church body
    • sharing their faith in word and deed 
  • practice positive interpersonal skills 
  • collaborate with teams
  • increase cultural awareness 
  • discover and implement solutions to daily living challenges, especially those that relate to life overseas
  • develop lifelong relationships

Questions? Email us at apprentices@jaars.org, or call 704.843.6322.