Jaars Center

COVID-19 Statement

In alignment with the North Carolina Governor’s Executive Order 215, JAARS no longer requires masks or social distancing indoors or outdoors on our campus. Of course, guests and staff are welcome to continue wearing masks and/or maintaining social distance if they are more comfortable.

JAARS is actively engaged in ministry both locally and globally—as we have been throughout the pandemic. Transitioning from stringent safety protocols to life without masks and social distancing is a milestone toward living and working the way we did before the pandemic. We recognize and respect the wide variety of personal preferences during this time, and encourage our guests and staff to continue any practices that make them feel more comfortable. Currently:

  • Campus tours are now available for groups of all sizes. Reservations are required. Please call 704.843.6130 and leave a message.
  • The JAARS Gift Shop is open Monday–Friday, 11:30 a.m.–2 p.m.
  • The Museum of the Alphabet is currently open.
  • We invite you to stop by to see our new and updated exhibits. The museum is sanitized frequently.
    • We have a new cell phone tour to guide you through the museum.
    • Guided and group tours will be available starting in July.
    • If you can’t make it to our campus, you can also view our virtual tour here.
  • The Mexico-Cárdenas Museum is currently closed for renovations.

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JAARS Center, Waxhaw, North Carolina

COVID-19 Statement

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