At The Heart Of Translation Support

By Michaela Riley

JAARS Center, Waxhaw, North Carolina

Spring arrives early in North Carolina. And at the JAARS campus, March brings some great opportunities to explore how you can be a part of Scripture translation, while enjoying our lovely weather.

JAARS Day is this Saturday, March 11. Take a ride in a missionary plane or helicopter. Or pile into a 4WD vehicle and enjoy our off-road course. Meet pilots, software developers, boat captains, trainers, translators, and more—people who’ve served all over the world. Go here to learn more.

At Check-IT-Out on March 17–18 discover how technology—from satellite systems to smart phone apps—makes Bible translation possible in the most remote and difficult places in the world. Hear stories, see software demonstrations, learn about family life on the field, and much more. T

All of these trainings and activities are supported by gifts to our CORE Mission Operations. Your generosity keeps the JAARS Center operating so we can continue our work in research, training, technical support, advocacy, and providing solutions to the needs of Bible translation workers.

Thank you for helping us make Bible translation possible.