You can hasten the progress of Bible translation in Africa

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Havu language group began their translation project with help from the Seed Company’s Stephanie DeWitt.* She believes “God prepared them in advance for their project.”

The Havu team translates in Goma because it’s safer than the outlying villages. But half of the Havu community still live in faraway locations. The translation team must travel to these communities to seek input and help with funding.

The Havu team must traverse on paths much like these to reach villages with the translation.

For the team, reaching these villages is costly, either by public transportation or private driver. Public transport requires several modes of transportation and fees at each stage of the journey. Using a private driver includes the basic charge plus the driver’s gas, food, and lodging.

This is why translation teams like the Havu—and multiple others—have requested JAARS provide them with solutions like motorcycles, 4WD vehicles, and more: to significantly reduce their trip costs and ensure the teams have reliable transportation.

*The Seed Company is a partner organization whose training, consulting, funding, and project management lead to a meaningful, accurate translation in the local mother tongue.