Progression of the PC-6 14-year Inspection

See the progression of this important inspection of the PC-6 over the last few months.


The PC-6 and its various parts have taken up hangar space for many months as it undergoes a major 14-year inspection.
The inspection required the removal of the wings, landing gear, and tail.
The wings underwent detailed inspection and repairs to the fuel tanks.
Push rods, bell cranks, levers, and landing gear struts! JAARS workers cleaned and stripped all these parts in preparation for specialized testing to check for cracks.
The structure under the floor had to be upgraded to support the installation of a new pilot seat.
The new pilot’s seat is mechanically adjustable for height, more comfortable, and more attractive than the old one.
The new floor goes in.
Ted Miller works on the control cables.
The new JAARS logo was added.
Chris Jutte, Jon Thomas, and Ted Miller work on the landing gear and rudder system.
The landing gear is back on.
The inspection is nearing completion.