Jaars Center

IT Training in Africa

Behind all the technology we rely on for Bible translation—from software to satellites—are people who can set up, understand, and fix everything. When their skills improve, everyone benefits.

Why is JAARS needed?

We have dozens of partners in Africa—and they all rely on technology to move forward with Bible translation.

People are key. Every office needs staff who can fix computers, install software, and back up documents. Who can keep the network, Internet, and power all running smoothly.

Typically, only one or two people fill that role for an entire organization. Building their skills benefits everyone, from secretaries to Bible translators.

What is JAARS doing?

Regional workshops are the best way we’ve found to jump-start the growth of IT staff in Africa. During a seven-day course, they can:
  • Get a quick look at everything. Through sessions and hands-on practice, people get a taste of where to improve their skills: hardware, software, data security, network administration, and more.
  • Create a plan to keep learning. Sessions can only cover so much. Participants are matched with a coach, and they’re held accountable to keep improving their skills. They also walk away with an external hard drive full of resources.
  • Build relationships. Once people know each other, they can start talking about their ideas, struggles, and solutions. They aren’t alone anymore—they have a community to go to for advice and encouragement.
How You Can Help


To support this project and others like it, please give to our Technology Solutions or Training Solutions. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry!


Pray for God’s protection for participants and instructors, many of whom travel long distances to the workshop.

Who benefits from our work?

IT staff throughout Africa can hone their skills—and turn to each other for help, ideas, and encouragement. Everyone else benefits, too: Better IT support means faster work, more reliable systems, and less stress all around.

To support this project and others like it, please give to our Technology Solutions or Training Solutions. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry!

“I discovered many theoretical things I did not know before … and raised my level [of skill] in network security, Linux, and Windows environments.”

– Patrick Dai, IT worker in Togo