Jaars Center

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book?

It’s important to select and commit to a specific week as soon as possible. This allows JAARS to steward the time, skills, interests, and hopes of those God calls to serve with us. Also, our ability to accommodate groups is dependent upon the availability of meaningful work and housing.

Note: Teams without grade-school children should prayerfully consider selecting a week other than mid-June through mid-August to allow teams with younger children to participate in our elementary program called Summer Safari.

When do my reserved dates lock in?

All dates are tentatively scheduled when the online reservation is submitted. Dates are not locked in until JAARS confirms with the team leader.

Can I volunteer at JAARS on my own?

Yes, you can volunteer on your own! Learn more here.

Our mission team program is about providing a group experience of service on our campus.

What is the maximum size of group you can accommodate?

We can accommodate groups of up to 20 people. A minimum of 4 is required in order to register for a week-long mission team experience. If you expect to have more than 20 participants, call us at 704.843.6431. We have limited staff, but sometimes with enough advance planning, we can accommodate larger groups.

What types of groups are likely to participate on a mission trip to JAARS?

Church youth groups often come during summer months. The minimum age for a youth mission team is 14. During the fall, winter, and spring months, mission teams are made up of adults of all ages, as well as school groups.

What age are the mission trips most geared for?

Our projects are mostly geared for 14 years and older. Children younger than 14 must be accompanied by a parent. During the summer months, we offer a morning children’s program for grade-school students who come with their families.

What leadership and adult-to-student ratio are expected for student groups?

Adult leaders are required for all youth groups involving minors. One adult leader for every 5–6 teens is mandatory.

What is expected of adult leaders?

Adults are responsible for supervising their group on and off projects, caring for medical needs, providing non-program meals, and setting an example on projects and during all activities.

What does a JAARS service project look like?

Depending on the week, service projects might include the following:

  • Construction and maintenance: building projects, painting, sanding, wood splitting
  • Serving by using one’s individual gifts: writing skills, graphics or artistic ability, sewing, hair-cutting skills, skill-specific repairs
  • Housekeeping: general cleaning, deep cleaning, window washing
  • Landscaping: weeding, path trimming/clearing, power-washing
What are the accommodations like?

Mission teams stay in a two-story, fully furnished house called the Rossi House. The house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, including the downstairs flat. Each bedroom is outfitted with three single beds, two of which are in a bunk-bed formation. Additionally, there are four air mattresses available.

In addition, there is a full, albeit small kitchen supplied with dishes and cookware. The house also has two meeting spaces as well as a large back deck. The following are also included with our housing: air conditioning, bedding and towels, and swimming pool access.

Whether you’re a group of 4 or 20, you will likely stay in the Rossi House on campus. Groups larger than 20 or with a male-to-female ratio that cannot be accommodated in the Rossi House will be assigned to additional campus housing.

What about food?

All lunches are provided by our center cafeteria, the cost of which is included in our pricing. (Dessert is available for an extra cost.) Also, we will coordinate two evening meals with speakers during the week. (Sometimes this is planned so that teams can connect with missionary contacts they already know.)

Note: Each group is responsible for their own breakfast, as well as any additional meals beyond the five lunches and two dinners already planned.

What about transportation?

Groups are responsible for their own transportation to and from site and during the week. Groups traveling a long distance may fly to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. On those occasions, we help to arrange their on-ground transportation.

What is the schedule like?

Mission teams arrive on Sundays between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. Departure is Saturday between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. If other arrival or departure times need to be arranged, talk with us ahead of time.

What does it cost to bring a mission team to JAARS?

We have established the following baseline cost structure to include key elements of bringing a mission team to JAARS:

  • First-time groups: $160 per person, which includes housing, lunches, 4WD and airplane rides, and two dinner programs
  • Returning groups: $130 per person, which includes housing, lunches, and two dinner programs

Additional Team Expenses

In addition to the baseline cost, we do ask groups to contribute to project costs as well if they can. Often groups will do fundraisers to come up with $300–$2,000 to go toward the project(s) they work on.

Additional Individual Expenses

Individuals bringing children for the week may want to consider either of the following options, depending on when they are here.

  1. MK Station: $5 per day, per child – morning care for infants, toddlers, and early elementary
  2. Summer Safari: $5 per day, per child – summer-only day camp for grade-school children

Young children not able to join the team in the afternoons will need someone to supervise them.