Aviation Office Manager / Administrative Assistant

Vacancy No 

Target Staff Type   Supported/Volunteer

Work Location   JAARS Waxhaw

FTE   0.5 to 1.000

Position Summary 

As an Aviation Office Manager / Administrative assistant you will be filling a critical role in the daily functions and task of running a smooth and efficient Mission Aviation business.  Managers need skilled personnel standing in the gaps to help cover many of the daily tasks and functions that, if not otherwise cared for by you, would cause them to be excessively overburdened and cause huge inefficiencies and loss of production. These administratively skilled personnel are key to our success.

Position Responsibilities   

  • Help with various scheduling tasks
  • Plan and organize a wide range of department activities
  • Help draft and send correspondence
  • Work in and maintain department databases
  • Be available to interact with public customers
  • Be available to your supervisor for a wide range of administrative tasks

Position Requirements

  • A deep and growing walk with the Lord Jesus that includes your personal spiritual growth and the ability to support others in their spiritual growth
  • Embrace the vision, mission, and core values of JAARS
  • Good interpersonal skills in working with and managing others effectively
  • Good oral and written communication skills along with organizational skills
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and Google Apps
I'm Interested