“What Will Happen to Me After Death?”

By mike_dickerman

Kuttan, a worshipper of ancestral spirits from the “JK” community, was invited to help with the consultant check during the dubbing of the JESUS film into his mother tongue. As he worked, he carefully followed all the issues discussed in the different scenes of the video.

During the process, God began to work in Kuttan’s life. On the last day of consultant checking, he openly expressed his fear about—what would happen to him after his death? Kuttan received and committed his life to Christ—the first fruit of the JESUS film in the JK language.

Your generous gifts allow audio-visual production studios in South Asia to record Scripture, traditional and folk worship songs, Bible stories, and oral stories in many different languages. Then, these recordings are distributed through cell phones and audio devices specifically made for listening groups in villages where many residents cannot read and write. The JESUS film, which changed Kuttan’s life, continues to be dubbed into many previously unwritten languages.