Turbine Helicopter for Cameroon Acquired

By Michaela Riley

Getting ready for take off
We’re excited to announce that we’ve closed on the purchase of an almost new Robinson R66 turbine helicopter for service in northwest Cameroon.

The R66 will replace the existing R44 helicopter that has served in the region for eight years, flying translators and supplies to hard-to-reach locations, as well as emergency medical evacuations.  The R44 is scheduled for what could be up to a year of down time as it undergoes a mandated overhaul later in 2017.

Acquiring the R66 prevents service disruption and increases SIL Cameroon’s service capabilities. The aircraft has more power, can carry another passenger and more cargo, and burns more-readily available jet fuel.

Thank you for praying faithfully and joyfully for God’s provision. Our engagement in Cameroon isn’t about a helicopter. It is about leveraging aviation and other solutions to make a significant impact on Bible translation. Please pray for God’s hand on the next steps, too.