Times of Uncertainty

By Rachel Greco

We all live in uncertain times. Questions about the future nibble us like fish. These uncertainties abound even more when someone is about to leap into the unknown as a mission worker.

Alice* had many doubts about whether she would be able to handle life as an overseas mission worker. God used the 4WD (four-wheel drive) and motorcycle course at JAARS to help her trust more in what God can do through her during times of uncertainty.

Alice and her husband, Simon*, will be moving to Southeast Asia as soon as possible. Simon will be serving Bible translation by working on language software, and Alice will teach. Although the couple will live in the city, some of the roads are not in the greatest condition, especially during the rainy season. If they travel outside the city to visit other teams, they may encounter even worse roads and terrain.

Students in the motorcycle course. Simon* and Alice* on the left will be serving in sensitive areas.

When they asked their director in Southeast Asia whether they should take the 4WD and motorcycle course at JAARS, she said the training would help them. She even told them she wishes she could take it herself!

Even with this glowing recommendation, Alice had doubts. “I was uncertain I could do what was expected of me in these courses.” But the instructors encouraged her that she would be able to do everything, from learning how to drive a motorcycle and winching a vehicle to driving the vehicle on bumpy, twisting back roads.

A participant in the 4WD course learning to traverse muddy, rutted roads

Because the instructors believed in Alice, she took their word that she could succeed and tried everything. “I was anxious and scared for sure,” she admits. She didn’t know if she would be able to make it uphill in the thick mud without getting stuck, drive off-camber, or be able to do all the things that she had to remember at once to drive a motorcycle.

Even though it drained her physically and mentally to keep going through the 4WD class, Alice did it. She even had a blast learning how to drive a motorcycle. “Now, not only do I have the skills to drive these vehicles,” Alice says, “[But] I feel more confident going into a new culture because of what I have seen God do in and through me.”

Dallas Glick, a pilot-mechanic heading to Papua, Indonesia, also took the motorcycle and 4WD course. He’ll buy a motorcycle once he arrives in Papua to enable him to easily reach the airport on a day-to-day basis. He had little riding experience before the course and wanted to learn all he could before going to a new place.

Dallas suited up for the motorcycle course

The course equipped him well and cleared away any uncertainties he has or might have when moving overseas and riding his new bike. “Everything [in the course] was done with our future success on the field in mind. We were told many times that if we have questions or concerns on the field, the [JAARS land transportation team] are only an email away and would love to help us in any way they can.”

Dallas and Alice are now as prepared as possible to encounter future challenges and know God can help them through the uncertainties that lie before them.

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*Name changed for security reasons