Sing to Him a New Song

By Rachel Greco

Believers across the world recently celebrated Easter by singing songs of praise and thanksgiving for Jesus’ resurrection. Imagine worshiping Christ by singing in a language that’s not your own, one in which you only understand a handful of words. For some of our brothers and sisters around the world, this is their reality.

But people like you are helping JAARS open doors for people to worship and connect with the Lord in the language they understand best.

South Asians reading Scripture in their own language

Our media partner in South Asia held a song-writing workshop for three different people groups last year. Believers and church leaders from various locations attended this workshop, where they learned how to compose meaningful songs for church use, prayer meetings, fellowships, and other occasions.

The first goal of the workshop was to show each people group how their culture is a special gift from God, which enables them to worship him in unique ways.  The second goal was to compose new songs for churches and communities which are appropriate to their needs. The theme verse for the songs was Psalm 33:3: “Sing to him a new song; play skillfully with a shout of joy.”

The participants expressed their pressing need for songs of praise and worship, thanksgiving, and songs for glorifying the Lord. So during the workshop, the instructors placed emphasis on helping the participants come up with these topical songs.

Children love to sing! With songs in their own language, children in South Asia can sing praises to the Lord in a language that speaks to their hearts.

By the end of the workshop, participants had written 34 songs. “They were happy to have these many songs,” the director of the organization said, “but they want to continue writing more in the near future. Please pray that these newly composed songs may help their communities worship God in spirit and in truth.”

You can also pray for our partner organization in South Asia. Ask God to keep the communities safe under his care and guide those who are planning various programs and workshops for the coming months.

Your gifts to Media Solutions enable these song-writing workshops to continue for other language groups!