Planting Seeds

By Rachel Greco

When someone invited Tricia Beltran to a JAARS Day, she asked, “What is JAARS?” She had never heard of the organization before.

Tricia, Manny, and their children

The person went on to explain many things about JAARS but what Tricia remembers most was that “I might be able to catch an airplane or helicopter ride. And it was a fun family day.” Hence, Tricia and her family decided to attend.

“Immediately after we arrived,” Tricia relates, “we regretted that we hadn’t come earlier in the day because there was so much to do. There was no way that we were going to get everything done on that first day.”

The various activities opened Tricia’s and her husband’s eyes to everything this ministry does to support the work of Bible translation. “We had no idea that so many languages still did not have a translation in their own language. And so seed number one was planted in our lives.”

Tricia and Manny, her husband, met some amazing people when they first visited JAARS in June 2015. “Because my husband was between jobs at the time, it was a ‘perfect storm’ for him to become a volunteer.” Some folks in Maritime Services took an interest in Manny once they learned that he was unemployed. “He happened to have a skill set they needed, and he became a volunteer quickly and served for several months into 2016.”

Manny sharing about Maritime Services

God used Manny’s service as a time of growth for the Beltrans. Seed number two was planted in their lives as God showed Tricia and Manny how he could use them and their ordinary, simple skills at JAARS to reach the world for his glory.

Throughout Manny’s time as a volunteer, they built relationships with the folks they had met that very first JAARS Day. So when they were asked to pray about and consider full-time service at JAARS, they were ready. “God had led us right where he wanted us, and we became members with Wycliffe on August 1 of 2017.”

Their intention, Lord willing, is to serve at JAARS beginning sometime this summer, when they finish raising their support. Manny will serve in Maritime Services as a Maintenance Specialist, and Tricia will focus on the guest experience.

Participating in a water safety training event

On June 8, JAARS Day will feature airplane, helicopter, 4WD, and boat rides, as well as new food trucks, outdoor live music, participation in a Scripture Celebration, and more! Come find out what kind of seeds God may plant in your life!

Learn more about JAARS Day here.