Passport to Christ

By Rachel Greco

“I have to make sure no one is coming,” Ben Clary whispers, opening the door. He peeks out, then shuts the door again. Dressed in a long, flowing shirt and sandals, he strides to the center of the room, gazing at the children’s upturned faces. These children, guests at Passport to Christmas, are “visiting” several countries to learn about their culture.

Ben asks the children how many of them have a Bible at home. All of their little hands shoot up toward the ceiling.

Ben sharing about the West-Asian Bible


As if pulling out a precious, rare gem, Ben reaches into his bag and holds out a Bible written in the elegant script of a Middle-Eastern country. “This is the Bible from my country. You are all young, and already have a Bible. I am an old man, and I received this Bible in my own language just a few months ago. Although it is very difficult to be a Christian in my country, God’s Word is coming to my people!”

This is just one snapshot of the Passport to Christmas event held every year at JAARS. Last weekend, 142 children ages 5—12 learned about how people in Australia, the Ivory Coast, and closed and limited-access countries still do not have the Christmas story in their language. The children soaked up this information via songs, crafts, stories, and videos. They also helped two staff members travel to a remote village in Africa by cardboard jeep with the aid of a man from the Land Transportation department. The children realized that four-wheel drive vehicles are important and sometimes necessary tools to help share the love of God with those in remote countries.


Learning about Australia


Learning about the Ivory Coast


Kids helping build a bridge for the jeep to cross over


After Passport to Christmas one parent remarked, “Both of our children came home extremely excited to share with us what they had learned this year. Our daughter was so excited that she went to work later that day putting together a list of countries to pray for each week. She even used the small [globe] that she received at Passport to Christmas to pick out which countries she would pray for on which day.”


Child’s drawing of countries to pray for after attending Passport to Christmas

Not just children engaged with new information at this event. One guest shared, “This was our first time out at the JAARS Center, and we absolutely loved it. The staff was kind, and the event was nothing short of amazing! I could feel the Holy Spirit through the stories that were shared.  It was a beautiful time. I was convicted and must repent for being so lax and not valuing the Word as much as those who have waited almost half their life to get the Word written in their own tongue.”

What will you do this Christmas to help those who do not yet have the story of Jesus in the words of their heart—their passport to knowing Christ?

Go here to learn more about how you can pray, give, advocate and go on behalf of the Bibleless people around the world.