Mandara Audio New Testament Dedicated

By Michaela Riley

John (right) is part of the team who recorded the New Testament.
John (right) is part of the team who recorded the New Testament.
As we observed Valentine’s Day here in the United States, the Mandara people–on the other side of the world in Papua New Guinea–dedicated the audio New Testament in their language.

When they learned that JAARS had a part in the effort to provide them with the audio version, they were touched that Christians in America were interested in helping them get God’s Word. The Mandara translation committee chairman insisted that a thank-you message be translated into English and sent to us. It said, “Thank you very much Christians at JAARS for your generous gift which made it possible for us to hear God’s Word in our language. May the Lord bless you all abundantly.”

Your gifts to Where Needed Most helped make this possible.

Two years ago, six rugged cases, each packed with a laptop computer, recorder, batteries, power cords, speakers, headphones, solar lanterns, and everything else needed for a mobile audio recording kit, were sent to Papua New Guinea for the Islands recording teams. In addition to the Mandara audio Scriptures, the teams have recorded the Tunag and Ramoaaina New Testaments, are nearing completion on three more languages, and will start another five New Testament recordings this year.

Thank you for praying and giving!