From Death to Life

By Rachel Greco

Pishtu,* the name of a language and district in South Asia where 35 people groups live, means ‘a place where people die of severe fog.’ This name causes fear in the hearts of those who understand the meaning of the word. People don’t like to live here—a place where death reigns.

Death has spread to every sphere of these people’s lives. The progress of their language, the standard of their living, availability of education to all, and their health care are all in a state of death.

But the living Word of God has the power to bring life and transformation to these communities amidst this culture of death. And JAARS, with your help, is partnering with a South Asian organization to ensure that the Pishtu people have the Word of God in their language. Through 16 New Testament books, oral stories, songs and the JESUS film, God is using his Word to resurrect the dead hearts of these 35 people groups and bring them to eternal life.

A group of people watching the JESUS Film in their heart language

One day, a translator got a phone call early in the morning. A Pishtu woman had given birth to a baby via normal delivery, but the baby wasn’t able to cry and showed no signs of life.

The translator and his team began praying with tears streaming down their faces. Almost immediately, they received another phone call saying that the baby had started to cry and move! Life started to reign—physical life as well as spiritual. Today, five families are worshipping Jesus in that village. 

A similar testimony of the victory of life over death happened in a nearby village called Bakdi*.  A woman and her husband were new believers. One night, her husband suddenly collapsed. The woman’s cry brought many villagers to her house. The man had had a tooth extracted that day by an unskilled person which seemed to be the reason for his death-like condition.

All who had gathered declared that the man was dead and began discussing his funeral.  While some people said that he should be burned, others wanted to call the witch doctor. But one old woman said, “There’s a worship service going on nearby, and we should call the woman of that house.”   

So they called the woman. She came and started to pray. After she prayed, she sprinkled water on the dead-man’s face, and he opened his eyes!

This incident has resulted in the conversion of many who had witnessed this powerful event.  Some people have been baptized and a few other families are now ready to be baptized.

Although Satan has attempted to take revenge for all these people coming to new life, the Pishtu people are experiencing a resurrection in all areas of their life through God’s Scripture and prayer.

The Bible translation team and local evangelists are fulfilling the Great Commission for the total transformation of the Pishtu. 

“I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and of Hades!’’ (Revelation 1:18). 

Join us in praying that the Lord will use the translation team to help those who are perishing in the fog to find salvation through Jesus Christ that they may enter into eternal life.

*Name changed for security reasons