Cracking the Barriers

By Rachel Greco

How would you react if you were to play the part of Jesus Christ in a recording? Lester, a member of the S* community, learned precious truths of the God he serves.

At a South Asian recording studio supported by JAARS, 15 S language speakers came to voice different Bible characters for the recording of 8 New Testament books.

The speakers enjoyed playing the parts of various Bible characters who appear in the books. Lester, played the part of Jesus, his first time to take on such an important role. “Giving voice for Jesus’ character has been a great experience for me as I realized how Jesus was burdened for people and how he cared for them while on earth.” Similar to Jesus, Lester’s heart burns with a desire to see God’s Word transform the S community.

Recording eight books from the New Testament in the S language

This community is excited to receive these New Testament books in audio form. They believe listening to God’s Word in the language they understand best will benefit them and their community.

The translation center in South Asia also organized a song-writing workshop for the S language group. Different groups of believers and church leaders learned how to compose meaningful songs for worship services, prayer meetings, fellowships and other occasions. They are excited that the songs they composed and recorded during the workshop will help them worship God in spirit and truth. Mirroring Lester’s servant heart, they continue writing and composing songs for their people. They will record them in the main recording studio this month with the hope that his Word will transforms lives.

God is also using the JESUS film to crack language barriers for the S people to help them understand his heart of love for them. Luke, a Scripture Engagement worker for this language, watched a JESUS film showing in a nearby town.

People in South Asia watching the JESUS film in their language

When Luke arrived at the house where the film was shown, not many people had arrived. But as the show continued, people from nearby houses heard their own language emanating from the screen, and came to see who could be talking in their language. Eventually, people crammed the inside of the house and overflowed to the outside. At the end of the movie, many people were touched as they heard the message of salvation and saw the life of Jesus on the big screen. They couldn’t believe they could see such a film in their language. And not just any film, but the story of Jesus—his death and resurrection which paved the road of salvation for mankind, including the S people.

God is doing incredible things in South Asia, so much that another recording studio is needed to meet all this area’s needs. Help them build a second recording studio and provide for other media needs by giving to our Media Solutions. Help crack the barriers so that many more people will learn of the compassionate heart of our God.

*Names have been changed or shortened for security purposes.