Changed Lives

By Rachel Greco

Gatik* is the only believer in his family. But that doesn’t stop him from sharing about God’s love to his Merobi* language community in South Asia.

Before coming to Christ, he and his family were under the power of an evil spirit. Their family relationships darkened every day. “My father was addicted to alcohol,” Gatik recalls, “and all the difficulties, struggles, and dysfunction associated with alcoholism were present in our family.” They had no peace or normalcy.

Then, Gatik heard about Jesus in one of the meetings held in their community. From that day on, he began experiencing peace in his life. After accepting Christ as his savior, he realized God had a plan and purpose in his life. He also saw God restoring family relationships, ending the influence of demonic activity, and pouring out his peace on Gatik’s family. “Praise be to God for such a great change!” Gatik exclaims.

He longed for the other members of his family and the Merobi community to experience God’s grace and peace. Little did he know…God was going to use him!

The Merobi New Testament had been printed and dedicated January 17, 2020—17 years after God gave the translators the vision to translate the Scripture into the Merobi language. But the literacy rate among the Merobi people is low, and many can’t read the Scripture.

A Merobi couple ready to ride home with their new Bibles

Thankfully, the translation didn’t stop with the printed Scripture. “The translation team desires to see every single person have access to the living word of God for a total transformation,” one of our partners who works with the team says. Thus, the Merobi translation team knew they also needed an audio recording.

The only recording studio was 1200 miles away from the Merobi, run by an Audio Visual partner of JAARS. Through people like you giving to our Media Solutions, JAARS recently supplied the funds to our partner so they could open a new recording studio only 500 miles away from the Merobi people as well as eight other translation groups waiting to record their New Testaments. “Establishing this studio will decrease travel expenses, [shorten] the length of time [needed] to release recorded materials, [reduce] the time participants spend away from families and at the same time increase safety and efficiency,” our partner explains.

The Merobi language team was the first group to record their New Testament in the new studio! Although they encountered various health and technical challenges, each one was resolved by God’s grace.

For the first time, several people from the Merobi community participated in the recording—Gatik being one of them. He played multiple character roles and has seen many changes taking place in his life and community since he joined this ministry. “I pray and believe that this audio recording will enable the Merobi community to listen to God’s Word in their heart language.”

People of the Merobi community are now excited to receive God’s Word in their language in both print and non-print forms, though Gatik reminds us there are still people who don’t yet know the transforming power of God’s Word. Gatik asks for prayer for his family: “They know about Jesus now,” he says, “but [they] still do not believe. Pray that God’s Word would change their lives as he has changed mine.”

*Name changed for security reasons