Building Websites That Build Faith

By Michaela Riley

Learning to build a scripture website
At a recent workshop in Southeast Asia, participants learned the basics of building Scripture websites in their heart language.

Pastor Myat and his team developed a Scripture distribution website for speakers of his mother tongue. He had built a website about a year ago using a well-known but hard-to-use website creation system. At this workshop, the system he learned is easier to use and simplifies maintaining the new website.

In the country where A and Y live, over 75 percent of Internet access is via a mobile phone. The Scripture distribution website they built allows users in a country of 600,000 people to download Scripture in their mother tongue to a computer or mobile phone.

Mr. D. developed a website for about 15,000 people who speak his language. For this website, he worked on several dozen pages and media including Scripture, a dictionary, and Christian movies.

At the end of the workshop, 19 website managers were trained and websites in 10 different southeast Asian languages went ‘live,’ making Scripture available to people throughout the region in their heart language.

Your gifts and prayers made this workshop possible! Thank you!