Braving Bugs, Dirt, and Heat to Explore Missions

By Michaela Riley

Imagine spending a week in a place resembling a remote village where you sleep in huts called champas. This summer, young people are coming to JAARS to do just that, and unplugging from the grid for an experiential introduction to missions. Their week-long adventure includes interaction with missionaries who have served all over the world.

This week, 14 high schoolers and their leaders from Village Bible Church in Sugar Grove, Illinois is the fourth group we’ve hosted for this exciting program. Please keep them in your prayers as they brave the bugs, dirt, and heat while listening to how God is at work in the world and how they might join him in that work.

Everything we do at JAARS–every project, every program–contributes to the life transformation that occurs when people receive the Scriptures in their heart language. Your gifts to our CORE Mission Operations make programs like this possible. Your contributions may inspire a young person to someday help take the God’s Word to far off regions of the world. Thank you!