Africa Flight Service: How Can We Do More?

By Michaela Riley

Brandon Penkoff has been flying a Cessna 206 in Cameroon for the last three years.

His work in support of Scripture translation, plus medical evacuations and other flights, is often harrowing. Long distances with limited options for landing, scarce and expensive fuel, dust from the Sahara desert that limits visibility, and occasionally unstable political conditions mean that “we always have to be thinking ahead,” he said.

“We rely heavily on the support of JAARS,” Brandon added. He cited aviation fuel, parts, training, technical expertise, funding for insurance, and management of aircraft registration as part of what he calls “the amazing job JAARS does in taking care of us.”

Mark Spangler serves language communities in northwest Cameroon with an R44 helicopter, transporting translators, consultants, and supplies in a matter of hours to and from areas that otherwise take days or even weeks to reach.

Through our aviation solutions, we’re working to solve significant, life-changing needs in the region and to be—along with our field partners—the best stewards possible of your investment in language development, Bible translation, and life transformation!

Will you help bolster flight services supporting Bible translation in Africa?