A Tuckered-Out Toyota

By Rachel Greco

Tucker, the tuckered-out Toyota, here with some exciting news. The last few years, I’ve joyfully served ACATBA* here in the Central African Republic (CAR). I’ve been proud to serve ACATBA because their Bible translators and language workers currently have their hands in eight Bible translation projects located in various regions of the country.

A vehicle similar to Tucker, the tuckered-out Toyota

But getting them to these regions has been a tough job. I’ve had to drive up to 370 miles (one-way to reach some areas). And driving here in CAR is no racetrack! Due to widespread civil unrest, the roads are unpaved and rarely repaired. Some roads I couldn’t handle even in my younger years, and heavy rains often washed away the paths. So I’ve had many injuries throughout my life. My joints and tires are now permanently battered and bruised.

Now that I’m old and broken beyond repair, the only option for translators and other Scripture workers to reach those remote places has been public transportation—usually riding atop the cargo of over-loaded flat-bed semi-trucks, vulnerable to fatal injury. I’ve often wished my wheels and engine were operational so the translators didn’t have to take those potentially dangerous journeys. I also traveled much faster than these semis. Relying on semis for travel, the translators and Scripture workers have had to spend long days and weeks on the road instead of translating God’s Word.

The lack of reliable, efficient transportation has made it difficult for translators to do their essential testing of their translations with the local communities. It’s hard for them to nurture vital church relationships, generate community awareness of the Bible translation project, or survey critical linguistic data for 16 new projects. Not only that, but before the Coronavirus hit, the language workload had increased, demanding even more long-distance travel that I’m no longer able to perform.

Since I now spend most of my time resting in the garage, ACATBA decided they needed to replace me with a newer Land Cruiser—a durable vehicle like I once was. One that can handle the rugged terrain and be easy to maintain. A vehicle that could facilitate timely project follow-up as well as the dedication of six New Testaments in rural areas in the next two years.

So ACATBA requested funding for another Toyota Land Cruiser. And here’s the exciting news! Because people like you gave to Land Transportation Solutions, a new vehicle now awaits in CAR, ready to aid Bible translation efforts once the restrictions and quarantines loosen. Thank you for your faithful support!

*Association Centrafricaine pour la Traduction de la Bible et l’Alphabétisation