A New Journey

By Rachel Greco

On August 3, 2016, Alisa* awoke to a shuddering reality: She couldn’t lift her head from her bed and was in deep pain from unbearable emotional and physical trauma. Her spine had five herniated discs—three in her neck and two in her lower back.

Several treatments over the next six months didn’t help. Alisa still couldn’t walk well or carry anything, even her Bible. “The only option left to me was to listen to the audio Bible in YouVersion,” she recalled. “God revealed so many beautiful things to me while I listened to his Word, and I was amazed that even without references and commentaries, God could open my understanding and reveal new things!” While lying on her bed, Alisa would pray and bless the people who had made the audio Bible that meant so much to her.

Digital Scripture makes a difference!  Photo: Pixabay

In January 2017, God led Alisa to a chiropractic treatment that strengthened her body.  In a few months she was back at work!

One morning, during her daily Bible reading, the passage from Matthew 2:12 stood out to her: “And being warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they departed to their own country by another way.” Alisa strongly felt that God was directing her to go on a different journey. He was calling her to leave her secular IT job and serve him with her skills. “I had two options before me, either to obey as the wise men did, or to disobey.” Like the wise men, Alisa decided to obey the Holy Spirit’s gentle voice. “I am so glad I did!”

Alisa looked at profiles of several Christian organizations. While praying and seeking the Lord’s guidance, her eyes fell on the Wycliffe website. However, all the posted jobs were in the U.S., and she and her husband lived in South Asia. Her husband, who had been a constant support, advised her to talk to Aaron*, the former CEO of the JAARS media partner in South Asia. Aaron told Alisa that God had sent her at the right time, and he asked her to attend a workshop on audio Bible translation in her town.

“Overflowing with excitement that God’s plan was at work, I stepped out of my physical setbacks after a year to attend a classroom workshop for three weeks. I experienced his strength all throughout.” The workshop focused on using the software Render, which can speed up the work of reaching those who haven’t yet heard the Word of God. As it says in Romans 10:17: “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” Because Alisa had tasted God’s Word by hearing it while immobilized, she could easily relate to the importance of audio Bible translation.

She gladly joined the South Asian media organization as an IT coordinator. “Now here I am at the very heart of Bible translation work in audio and written formats, contributing according to [God’s] plans for the Bibleless communities via software development, maintenance and support. All glory to God, who turned my path toward his kingdom work, in his time!”

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*Names changed for security reasons