A Great Instrument

By Rachel Greco

Honoring those who helped translate the Kirik New Testament

The main Bible translator for the Kirik* people in South Asia reached them in 2005. He and his family spent their first few years with the people adjusting to a new culture, learning the language, and gaining their acceptance. Then, in 2011 the translation team started their work.

Despite the team’s many challenges, including living in an area with no roads, no power, and no toilets, God’s grace allowed them to persevere and stay among the community.

Today, the Kirik churches are growing fast and showing deep interest in using translated materials in local church meetings. The believers use the translated materials and songs in the churches and in small gatherings. They also use oral Bible stories for listening to the word of God. Both old and young people sit together to listen to the stories and share their experiences, so it made sense that the translation team would record the entire New Testament. 

The recording took place in the studio that people like you who gave to JAARS Media Solutions helped provide. Thank you! 

Because the recording took place during the pandemic, it had to be suspended for a few months until a lockdown was lifted. Every time our South Asian audiovisual partner attempted to resume the recording, it ran into challenges. One time, when everything was set up to record, the main proof-reader encountered health issues, and the recording had to be postponed. “These delays always remind us that we are in spiritual warfare,” our South Asian partner said. “Our battle is against the dark forces of this world.”

Thanks to God’s grace, the recording finally resumed and was completed. Speakers would come and be recorded reading parts of the New Testament. “All of them experienced God’s hand upon them and upon the entire recording,” our South Asian partner said. 

One speaker, Matthew*, heard about the recording from a friend. He wasn’t interested in helping, but something urged him to go to the recording studio. During the first part of recording, Matthew found it difficult to speak his lines, and his interest remained low. “But as I [kept going], my interest grew, and with a joyful heart I completed my recording lines. I can say that doing this recording was the most cherished moment [of my life].”

Silas*, who provided the voice for Jesus, was unable to come at the beginning because of issues within his family. But God allowed him to overcome the challenges. He enjoyed recording the voice of Jesus and was immensely blessed. 

“I believe that this audio will be a great instrument in winning people’s souls in my language,” Silas said. “People in my language love to listen to audio, and I believe listening will help them know the saving knowledge of Christ. I want to thank [the] partnership [of] JAARS for their vision to make God’s word available in my heart language.” 

Please pray with us that God will break up the spiritual soil of South Asia and that the Holy Spirit will soften the hearts of the Kirik people so that they will be receptive to the gospel. 

*Name changed for security reasons