4WD Training in Papua New Guinea

By Rachel Greco

Watch here and see what it was like for the West Aitape Cluster team members who took a JAARS 4WD training course and how it will help them in their Bible translation work.

John Pepper and Jim McCabe check under the hood of West Aitape’s 4WD vehicle

JAARS worked with the West Aitape Cluster team in Papua New Guinea to help choose and acquire the replacement vehicle they needed to facilitate mission travel. A Toyota Land Cruiser was selected and purchased with funds from generous donors who gave to our Transportation Solutions.

Training is also provided for all the vehicles that JAARS supports, so Pepper and Jim McCabe, a 4WD instructor with SIL, traveled to PNG to conduct a two-week training course for workers with the Aitape West Cluster Project. They trained both translators and local workers, emphasizing driving safety, preventive maintenance, and recovery techniques.

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