Whatever It Takes: 2023 Campaign

By Rachel Greco

Whatever it takes.

For over 75 years, JAARS has been committed to doing whatever it takes to reach lost people in the most remote places on earth with God’s Word and love.

JAARS founder, William Cameron Townsend.

Cameron Townsend, the founder of JAARS, inevitably got questions when he spoke to people about needs on the field—questions like whether the number of people doing the work, or the airplanes flying them to remote places, were too expensive or even needed at all.

Impassioned for those living in remote places that God was calling to himself, he once wrote: “… we’ve got a job to do! And whatever it takes to do the job, that’s what our needs are going to be.

Our continuing commitment is to help believers fulfill the Great Commission by using their support to reduce a barrier, ease a burden, or deliver God’s Word.

Your generosity and your commitment help accomplish “whatever it takes.”

And God is moving in some exciting ways! Because believers like you have engaged in Great Commission efforts with JAARS, we’re now uniquely positioned to open new fields in the rainforests of Central Africa and the islands of Melanesia. We have identified scores of unreached and currently unreachable language groups who need the Bible in their own language, as well as church planting, discipleship training, literacy, education, and more. We, along with our trusted partners, know how to do the work. And like you, we have a heart of compassion to reach them.

But because these are new fields, in new places, we’ll need dozens of newly trained people, new equipment for them such as aircraft, boats and rough-terrain vehicles, and the ability to sustain them on the field.

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll hear about ways that you can ease the burdens and reduce the barriers for those who are proclaiming God’s Word to the ends of the earth.

We pray we can join together with you to train and equip the saints and support the work in the field.

Watch the video below to hear directly from our president about how you can help reach the nations with the love of Jesus:


Learn more about the upcoming Whatever it Takes campaign and the people that we’ll be highlighting here.