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Internet for Translation Teams

National Bible translators across Africa face significant challenges. Working without reliable Internet access doesn’t have to be one of them.

Why is JAARS needed?

Many tools exist to help translators around the world streamline their work. They can consult with colleagues outside the country through email and file sharing. They can research and use specialized translation software.

They can routinely back up their work, a necessary safeguard when computers can be stolen or confiscated. And for those who live and work in remote villages, they can communicate with a translation consultant when they need help exploring and translating key words and concepts. A consultant’s advice and guidance are invaluable to the team when they wrestle with abstract ideas, complex verses, or difficult-to-understand passages.

But in order to use these tools or to communicate with translation consultants, people need access to the Internet. Across Africa, however, acquiring Internet access can be difficult and costly.

What is JAARS doing?

By partnering with JAARS, you can help provide funding and equipment for more reliable Internet connections for translation teams and regional centers across Africa—impacting hundreds of current and future translation programs.

Together, we can cover costs for satellite Internet for centers that have no other feasible solutions, as well as funding generator repairs, Internet service, upgrades, and occasional troubleshooting. We can also bring Internet access right to translation teams, no matter how remote they are. Each team will get the best fit for their situation, whether satellite, cellular, or something else.

How You Can Help


To support this project and others like it, please give to our Technology Solutions. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry!


Ask God to strengthen those working without reliable Internet connections. Pray, too, for the technical staff who will design and install power and Internet systems in Africa.

Who benefits from our work?

With reliable Internet connections and power sources, regional translation centers and the teams they support can work more efficiently.

Everyone saves time. IT specialists at regional centers don’t face frustrating interruption of Internet and power services, and can keep systems running smoothly. Those who perform administration will be able to keep up with their important work, and not be left behind. Translators in remote villages save days or weeks of travel—and they get feedback fast since they can be in regular contact with their consultant.

Consultants save time, too: Paratext lets them comment right on a team’s draft, even from half a world away. Up to 90% of questions can be addressed this way, so they travel only to discuss the toughest topics. Drafts are also safer. When a team is online, Paratext automatically backs up their work.

To support this project and others like it, please give to our Technology Solutions. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry!

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“Sub-Sahara Africa’s IT capabilities have grown at a very slow rate, especially in the rural areas where we serve. This affects not only our performance but also other major regional issues such as poverty, access to resources, and economic and educational development.”

– Bill Mayes, SIL Africa IT Services Coordinator