Jaars Center

Experience Night at the Alphabet Museum!

Now you can watch watch our entire series of fascinating, educational, and inspirational videos from wherever you are! Performances from our popular program Night at the Alphabet Museum bring our exhibits to life!

William Cameron Townsend

Hear how God paved the way for “Uncle Cam” to begin a linguistic school and an organization to train translators and bring them into Mexico.

Elaine Townsend

The funny and outgoing wife of JAARS founder William Cameron Townsend shares how God led her from the mission field in Mexico to help launch the life-saving mission of Jungle Aviation And Radio Service in 1948.

Chief Tariri

A headhunter from Peru meets two white women who come to live in his remote village and their lives are changed forever. Light comes into the darkness and peace dwells amongst them at last.

Betty Green

One of the first woman to fly in World War II, Betty went on to realize her dream of serving the Lord in remote areas as a pilot. She was the first woman to fly over the Andes mountains in Peru and supported JAARS through her work with Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Jean-François Champollion

Nicknamed the father of Scientific Egyptology, Jean-François was the first person to understand what the hieroglyphics meant on the Rosetta Stone. He decoded the ancient Egyptian language and helped translate many other languages.

James Evans

A pioneer missionary to northern Canada, James built his own canoe out of discarded tin cans and built a new language for the Cree people living in the Canadian wilderness. James even made their first books so that people could read for themselves of God’s love for them.

Bev Dawson

For over forty years Bev and her partner worked to translate the Bible in the jungle of South America. Why did it take so long? Watch to find out!

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"Night at the Alphabet Museum is a unique way to learn about key figures throughout history who have had a role in translating the Bible, deciphering ancient writing systems, flying missionaries around the world, and more. Hearing their life stories through this interactive experience allows you to engage with history in a way that goes beyond just reading about it in a book."
–Rebecca Case, Museum Curator Fellow