Jaars Center

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a volunteer position?

Click “Apply” at the bottom of the vacancy to begin the process. Once we review your application, we will send more information. Be prepared to provide details regarding your experience, education, references, and testimony. Also, you will be asked if you agree with our statement of faith, vision, mission, and core values.

When will I know if I have been accepted?

Once we receive your application, we will review it and consider positions that might fit your interest, skills, and availability to serve. 

If you are interested in those, we will check your references. Upon acceptance, you will receive a link to take the short online Child Safety Course that is required of all staff. Finally, upon your arrival, you will complete some paperwork (emergency contacts, etc.), receive an ID badge, and take a JAARS tour, if you haven’t already.

How do I apply for paid positions?

First, check here to see if any paid positions are available. Then, be sure you meet the qualifications, and apply using the “Apply” button at the bottom of the vacancy description. If you are invited for an interview, we will contact you directly via phone or email.

How do I apply for a supported staff position?

Supported staff members have partners who prayerfully and financially support their ministry and living expenses.

Wycliffe USA is our main partner for US citizens who work full-time. Wycliffe USA will be your funding and sending organization, and then you are generally eligible to be seconded to other partner organizations like JAARS.

For those whose citizenship is in another country, we will refer you to the Wycliffe mobilization or partner organization for that country.

Interested aviation applicants should first contact JAARS to complete a Technical Evaluation, if needed for the particular position. We will then release you to apply to your Wycliffe partner organization.

What if I only need partial funding to support myself?

Several other organizations are options that can help you partner with people to support your ministry. They would also require you to complete all their application and training requirements.

For those who already have health insurance, you could apply through these or other organizations, and then serve at JAARS, either seconded or as a volunteer. Some churches who send out staff will also process donations and send you the funds you receive monthly. We do not endorse any one of these organizations over another.

Interlink Ministries

Ripe for Harvest

Commission to Every Nation

Global Service Network

What kind of person are you looking for to work at JAARS?
  • We seek a Christian who demonstrates a deep and growing walk with the Lord Jesus that includes your personal growth and the ability to support others in their spiritual growth.
  • We want you to have a passion to help make Bible translation and language development available to all people.
  • We need for you to embrace the mission of JAARS: “We reduce barriers, ease burdens and deliver God’s Word. We do that by training, equipping, deploying and sustaining individuals, teams and stations to aid in the work of proclaiming the gospel to the whole creation.”
  • Our desire is that you consider whatever job you have at JAARS as a ministry that is helping to achieve our vision.
  • Our goal is to match your appropriate skills and experience to specific jobs. It also depends upon you being flexible and understanding that the length of your service affects what types of positions we can place you in.
What if I want to go overseas?

Unless you are assigned to a position that includes trips (like Refuge 139) or are assigned from JAARS to serve as a boat captain, for example, we do not have overseas positions. Nevertheless, you can become a Wycliffe volunteer and go for a minimum of three months overseas. Another alternative is to go to MissionNext and complete a profile. Their unique system will match your interests and skills with multiple mission organizations including JAARS and Wycliffe.

Do you take applicants from other countries to work for JAARS?

JAARS requires that volunteer and paid applicants already have legal working status in the United States. We are not able to provide sponsorship for those seeking work visas or green cards.

Supported and volunteer staff can apply to be seconded to JAARS through their country of citizenship’s Wycliffe Mobilization Center or another missionary organization.

For certain overseas positions (i.e. aviation, maritime, and land transportation) we do place international applicants into some of our field locations.

Do you require college-level biblical studies?

We do not require you to have taken biblical studies or have a Bible degree. We do desire that you spend time in God’s Word and grow in your walk with Christ daily, and be active in your local church.

Where will I live?

A variety of short-term to one-year, on-campus, fully-furnished housing unit rentals are available for volunteers who serve a minimum of 40 hours per week per couple, or 20 hours per week per single.

Units include phones, WiFi, kitchens, linens, and more. An RV park with WiFi and full hookups is also available. No pets, firearms, smoking, alcohol, or drugs are allowed on campus. For pricing and reservations, call 704.843.6020.

Offsite housing is also available for sale or rent, or you could even build on available land in the surrounding area and communities.

What is it like to live in the Waxhaw area?

JAARS is located 30 minutes south of the outer beltway of Charlotte, North Carolina, and 20 minutes from Lancaster, South Carolina. We are 10 minutes from Main Street in “downtown” Waxhaw.

JAARS is located on a beautiful 500+ acre rural campus with recreational areas and a swimming pool, library, dining room, health clinic, RV Park, childcare facilities, and youth ministries. In the community, one can find homeschool co-ops, Bible studies, as well as other special events. 

Waxhaw, North Carolina, is a family-friendly, historic, small town, surrounded by a natural backdrop of rolling hills, horse country, and outdoor recreation. It has creative and performing arts, vibrant music, antiques, and good old-fashioned parades.

Lancaster, South Carolina, is also a historic, small town with a state university campus, shopping areas, several festivals and events, as well as a Christmas parade each year.

How are JAARS, SIL International, and Wycliffe related?

JAARS partners closely with SIL International, 100+ organizations of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, and with other local and global organizations. The majority of our supported staff are Wycliffe members (their funding and sending organization) assigned to JAARS, or seconded to SIL International and located at JAARS.