Training to Serve the Lord

By Michaela Riley

Training to serve the lord
Training to serve the lord
Bryan Jones will soon face challenges flying with our partner SIL in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Bryan’s role—one he has sought for years—will be to fly mission workers safely to remote areas of PNG. But there is a problem.
Many airfields Bryan will be flying into are primitive and hazardous. Only with thorough and specialized training can pilots like Bryan learn to fly and maintain aircraft so they can operate safely out of basic airstrips. This kind of training is not common—nor is it cheap.

Fortunately, Bryan is one of six pilots/mechanics who started Pre-Field Orientation March 7 at JAARS. This 16-week advanced training course will prepare them to operate safely in their new countries. JAARS is uniquely qualified to provide this training because their instructors have “been there and done that.” But this training is expensive. Quite simply, the program wouldn’t be possible without your prayers and support for Aviation Training.

In Pre-Field Orientation, Bryan will be able to train in turbine-powered aircraft similar to those he will fly in PNG. At $600 an hour, there is no way Bryan could afford this training. Similarly, Grant Sahl, a mechanic in the class from Cameroon, will be able to receive supplemental training at commercial turbine-engine schools and will be able to attend the Robinson R66 helicopter maintenance course.