Serving People with Love

By Karissa Maust

Charlie positioned himself in front of the net and jumped, hitting the volleyball with his open palm. The ball hit the sand on the other side with a smack. He had scored a point! 

Sand volleyball is just one of the many community-building activities Charlie Humbert enjoys as a Human Resources Fellow here at JAARS. He likes the Christ-centered atmosphere at JAARS and the opportunity to learn more about his chosen career and how he can use it to glorify the Lord.

Previously, Charlie attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater but didn’t know what degree to pursue. All he knew was that he wanted a job where he could work directly with people and serve people with love. He tried several majors, but none measured up. When he worked as a resident assistant, his supervisor saw Charlie’s aptitude for interacting with people and suggested human resources (HR) as a major. HR had been the supervisor’s major in college, and he saw that Charlie was like him in many ways. 

Charlie tried the major and was hooked; it became his new passion and a way for him to serve people. After graduating in 2020, he searched online for jobs in his field and found an opening for an HR Fellow at JAARS. Charlie felt that this position was an answer to prayer. “Missions is something that I am very passionate about, something that I feel called to,” he explained. He decided to apply for Cohort Delta, which began in July 2021—shortly after he graduated. 

Charlie, Paige, and Katie representing JAARS at Cedarville University’s career fair.

Charlie has a lot of responsibilities as the HR Fellow, but his main tasks include recruiting and interviewing candidates for future Fellow cohorts. His people skills come in handy. He enjoys helping with the Fellows Friday segment on Instagram, where he can make people smile by showcasing his acting talent and showing a day in the life of a JAARS Fellow.

Charlie’s favorite aspect of Fellows is the sense of community. He enjoys the weekly get-togethers and catching up over meals, plus playing sand volleyball and other games with the members of both cohorts.

Charlie and Cohort Charlie and Cohort Delta Fellows (l to r) Kate, Anneke, Kayla, Katie, Karissa mini golfing on the Fellows beach weekend last summer.

He enjoys adapting to the job’s daily challenges and the vibrancy that the friendships he has made here at JAARS add to his life.

In the future, Charlie would love to continue working in human resources, possibly for a large church. Wherever he is, he wants to influence lives, showing the people the love that Christ has first shown him. He feels blessed to support those reaching the unreached through his work at JAARS. “My favorite part about being a Fellow is actively participating in making Bible translation possible,” he said. “Before coming to JAARS, I never would have imagined being a part of missions as someone working in HR. But I now see that the work I do in HR helps enable others to reach people with the gospel.”

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