Roviana Bible Dedication Is May 23

By Michaela Riley

Roviana-language Bible
Roviana language bible arrives in Solomon Islands
In 1902 the Roviana were the first to accept Christianity in the Solomon Islands.

The Roviana New Testament was completed in 1995. On May 23, they will celebrate having the entire Bible in their heart language. The arrival of the first 16 printed copies even made the national news!

The Roviana comprise approximately 10,000 to 14,000 people; an additional 16,000 speak it as a trade language. Using Adapt It software, four translation projects could use the Roviana Bible as a text source for their own related languages. Five other surrounding languages have already used the Roviana New Testament as a reference for their own translations.

The Roviana Bible will also be available on Megavoice audio Scripture players. Gifts to Media solutions are making this possible. Thank you!