It’s Working!

By Woody McLendon

I’m writing this blog post from 35,000 feet during a flight back to JAARS from a special visit in South Asia. This week, two of us from JAARS attended a close partner organization’s 10th anniversary celebration. It is the same local Wycliffe organization that we worked with in 2013–14 to design, install, and support their media studio that produces audio Scripture recordings and worship music in local languages.

The director who invited us came to JAARS six years ago asking for help with the studio. That began a joyful and fruitful journey of friendship in ministry that is bearing much fruit. Their team is actively translating the Bible and working for the positive transformation of the communities of their country. The studio and associated IT support is making a big difference, not only for their ministry but for many others.

Our strong core at JAARS—from staff and technology to tools and facilities—made the relationship building, partnership, research, design, and implementation of this studio possible.

This year’s Campaign for Possible—which we’re launching this week—is focused on strengthening our core mission operations: to enable and enhance our capacity to serve even more effectively in the future.

Our friends in South Asia expressed great appreciation for our help. We are grateful for our many friends here in this country who prayed and gave generously to make this help possible.

Please take some time to explore JAARS and this year’s Campaign for Possible and then we invite you to join with us.

(You can read more about our Campaign here.)

Make Bible translation and life transformation possible!