God’s Plan

By Karissa Maust

Growing up in Kansas, Katie had her heart set on going to West Texas A&M University in Canyon and earning a nursing degree. She hoped to one day become a nurse or doctor. However, God had different plans for her life, ones she now appreciates, though it was hard to give up her dream. 

Two years into her pursuit of the degree, Katie felt God calling her to take a different path. Because she had completed so many classes toward her degree, she had options—put the credits toward a degree in psychology or general studies. She chose general studies because it allowed her to take classes in other areas she loved, such as communications and sociology.

As Katie continued to consider God’s plan for her life, she felt that he was calling her to some type of ministry. The summer before her senior year, she interned with the nonprofit organization Make-A-Wish North Texas. Katie loved her work and the way that it allowed her to help people. This inspired her to consider working in the nonprofit sector. 

After college, she discovered JAARS Fellows on LinkedIn. A recruiter from JAARS invited her to apply. She focused on applying for other jobs, though, putting the Fellows position on the back burner because she thought it was not the right fit. God had other plans, however.

The first time Katie looked at the Fellows positions, Guest Services was not listed. But when she reconsidered applying, she noticed the Guest Services position and applied, seeing it as the best position for her skills, some of which she had developed at Make-A-Wish North Texas. 

Katie has numerous responsibilities as Guest Services Fellow; many of which are in the housing department. She helps guests learn about their stay prior to their visit, and she is documenting many of the housing processes. She also helps with events on the JAARS campus as needed. “I try to come up with ways that we can make the guests’ lives easier,” said Katie.

Katie (front) with fellows Anneke and Olivia getting ready to go on a helicopter ride.

Katie appreciates the lessons she has learned, saying that God is teaching her to work on her perspective. “It’s easy to let our perspectives guide us if we are not willing to challenge them. I want to be willing to step out of [my] comfort zone, and [my] own perspective, because that will help [me] learn so much.” 

She’s come a long way from the girl who thought she would be a nurse. We here at JAARS are thankful for her contributions to the campus and her willingness to listen to God’s plan.  

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