An Accelerator for Bible Translation

By Rachel Greco

The send/receive function in Paratext—the main Bible translation software—stopped working for Maya*, a translator, for several months. This Paratext feature is important because it stores a translation project’s information in a central location. If multiple people in the project work from different locations, they can do a send/receive and easily obtain the latest update in the translation project.

Students in a Paratext 8 workshop

Without this feature, Maya’s team had to copy their work onto a flash drive, then laboriously copy the work from the drive—one-by-one—onto each of their computers. Since Maya’s team members don’t live close together, it took days to acquire the latest version of the Scripture, and sometimes version-related issues cropped up.

New Testament finishers teams taking class at ILL

Recently, Maya attended an Advanced IT (Information Technology) training at the Wycliffe Center in South Asia. Their IT department, like the accelerator in a car, helps projects like Maya’s speed up and continue without screeching to a halt. “IT plays a significant role in the Bible translation work,” Jack*, the CEO of Wycliffe in South Asia says. “Our [IT] team works with translation teams on a day-to-day basis supporting them to use various features of the software.”

After trying several options to fix Maya’s send/receive function, the IT personnel at Maya’s training realized an antivirus security setting was blocking the send/ receive function. “Once we fixed it,” Jack relates, “the joy in Maya’s face was immense.”

An IT staff member helping some teams

Consider giving to JAARS Technology Solutions here, so that translators like Maya can continue receiving the help they need to shape God’s love story into the language their people understand best.

*Names have been changed for security purposes.