Volunteer with CrossVenture|Aero and Inspire the Next Generation of Mission Aviators

Each year JAARS offers CrossVenture|Aero,  a quality camp that helps campers explore their passion for flying while building on their understanding of missions. We could not do this camp without people like you who are interested in watching young people grow and take hold of a cause bigger than themselves. With that in mind, the following are ways that you might consider volunteering with us for a week of your summer.

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Volunteer Positions


Counselors will stay with campers overnight, take meals with campers,  and plan activities for recreation time. Click here to volunteer.

Food Prep Team

Food Prep Coordinator: The food prep coordinator will plan the menu, take care of grocery shopping, and help with meal prep for the week.

Food Prep Assistant: The food prep assistant will help the coordinator with planning the menu, grocery shopping, and preparing meals.

Click here to volunteer for the food prep team.

Ground School Instructor

Ground Instructor Certificate or a current Certified Flight Instructor Certificate is required. Current TSA Security Awareness training is also required. CrossVenture|Aero Ground School curriculum is provided. Click here if you’re interested in volunteering.


Check out our pilot requirements here.

If you think you qualify, fill out this application form.


Yes, we’re looking for volunteer planes as well! Non-JAARS owned aircraft are subject to a three-phase inspection process to be used during CrossVenture|Aero: a document and logbook review, a physical inspection, and a flight check. Begin the process to volunteer your aircraft for CrosssVenture|Aero by submitting this application.

Click here to see a sample of the CrossVenture|Aero Aircraft Inspection form to be completed by JAARS Aviation. 

Thank you for your interest in developing the next generation of mission aviators!