Hear from people who have already experienced CrossVenture about their time and what they learned.

“Our middle school students have been busy every minute learning about missions. We’ve had good times cooking over fires, living in ‘champas,’ which are huts on stilts, and listening to missionaries. One cool time was hearing a missionary couple who was just about to go off to the field and within 24 hours, we had a person who was born in a hut on the other side of the world who got saved through Bible translation being done in his village; and now he’s nearing his retirement years, and he shared that he was a product of Bible translation. This place has such good education about missions from the beginning to the end. It’s not just sitting in a lecture learning. It’s very hands-on.”
– Youth leader, Florida

“This week was educating, convicting, and life-changing because I learned a lot about missions and feel like I can do more for God. I feel called to serve God in a hard place.”
– Participant, Ohio

“It was neat to look at media and technology and expose our kids to that. It shows them how we are sharing the gospel around the world using technology that is still faithful to scripture and telling the Bible story but is doing it in a way that people in an oral culture can understand.”
– Youth leader, Pennsylvania

“I learned that no matter what God has put in your heart, you can be used in any way in missions. God can use you to impact people, and you are a crucial part of a God’s big plan.”
– Participant, Florida

“So glad we came. It stretched each person in different ways while providing a safe environment. The director and staff worked well as a team, resourcing us well, with great passion and love for the Lord and people.”
– Youth leader, Ohio

“My patience has been challenged, and I have had to face my fears. I have been learning about where God might want me in the future.”
– Participant, Illinois

“Listening to missionaries and seeing how people give their whole lives for God’s glory motivated me to give my whole life for God’s glory.”
– Participant, Ohio

“From the moment I picked up my children [one middle school and one high school], the two of them have gone back and forth desperately trying not to interrupt each other as they tell me stories about their experience. They shared missionary stories, took turns telling Bible stories they had memorized (explaining how they were taught to tell stories from the Bible), described the living experience for the week, the flight experience, the acting out of a marketplace experience … and so much more! The missionary stories … big impact! The overall experience … I am impressed! I hear my kids talking about changes they want to make in their daily life.
– Parent of participants