Crossventure Village FAQ

When do my reserved dates lock in?

All dates are tentatively scheduled when the online reservation is submitted. Dates are not locked in until the group non-refundable registration fee is received and CrossVenture staff confirms the dates with the leader.

However, should the same or overlapping dates be requested by more than one group before any fee is submitted, the first group who requested those dates will be given the first option to retain or switch.

Can my son or daughter register by themselves?

CrossVenture|Village is a camp program designed for group registrations. Participants of whatever age must register with an attending group, under that group’s leadership.

What is the minimum/maximum size group you can accommodate?

We can accommodate groups with 25 to 30 participants including leaders. A minimum of 12 is recommended. Two or more churches may join together if the group size remains under 15. We book groups, not individuals.

What if I cannot get the requested minimum of 12 participants?

Give us a call if you cannot quite get 12 participants together. Depending on the make-up of your group we may be able to adjust the program for a smaller group. Another option is to get in touch with other churches/schools in your area and combine efforts to get the minimum together. We have had occasional groups that are a combination of 2-3 churches joining forces to engage with the program.

What are the accommodations like?

Our “village setting” is similar to most primitive site campgrounds. Accommodations are bare cabins called champas. Toilets are pit latrines. Showers are rustic, with hot water being heated by a wood furnace (we supply the wood, you supply the fire starting acumen).

What about food?

CrossVenture staff will purchase basic food and cooking supplies for your group, providing you with an advance list of what will be available. Your group will be responsible for all food preparation and clean up. We ask that you refrain from bringing supplemental food unless it has to do with dietary restrictions.

What types of groups are likely to come to CrossVenture | Village?

Summer weeks tend to fill up with youth and/or college age groups. Family/multi-generational groups are encouraged. CrossVenture programming is interactive and has some physical components, but is reflective at its core. It is designed to move participants from a general interest in missions to a “what’s next?” interest in missions.

What age is CrossVenture | Village most geared for?

CrossVenture|Village is designed with high school and older in mind. However, it has worked well with middle school age as well. Minimum age for student groups is twelve. Minimum age for multigenerational groups is 8 years; all minors must be accompanied by a parent of the same sex for multigenerational groups.

What leadership is expected for student groups and what is the expected adult:student ratio?

Adult leaders are required for all youth groups involving minors (under 18). We recommend a 1:6 adult:student ratio. For middle school groups, it is acceptable to have high school student leaders for every 3-4 students.

NOTE: for several activities we break into groups so four made up of three students and one leader (a group leader may be a designated student.)

What is expected of adult leaders?

Adults are responsible for supervising their group, leading evening devotions, providing supervision for meal prep/clean up, caring for medical needs, and participating in all activities.

What about transportation to and from and during CrossVenture | Village?

Groups are responsible for their own transportation to/from the CrossVenture|Village site (located on the JAARS campus in Waxhaw, NC), as well as any transportation needs during the program.

What is the typical schedule like?

CrossVenture|Village – Edge (6 nights): Arrive on Sunday between 2:00–6:00 PM, depart on Saturday between 7am and 10am.

CrossVenture|Village – Explore (2 nights): Arrive on Friday at 5 pm, depart on Sunday at 12 noon.

Contact us about the possibility of arriving on a different day of the week or extending our Explore program to 3 nights.

Why doesn’t CrossVenture include a service project element?

CrossVenture is designed to build the foundational understanding of missions. The reality is that most groups and individuals have plenty of opportunities to grow a heart for service, but there are less opportunities to understand God’s heart for the nations to know him. If you are looking for more of a service opportunity for your group, check out JAARS Mission Teams.

What does CrossVenture cost?

CrossVenture | Village-Edge (six nights)
$300 Group Registration Fee (non-refundable; required to lock dates)
$199 Participant Fee (non-refundable; due two weeks prior to arrival)

CrossVenture | Village-Explore (2-3 nights)
$75 Group Registration (non-refundable; required to lock dates)
$69/person (non-refundable; due two weeks prior to arrival)

CrossVenture | Village-Experience (2-6 hours)
$18-$23 Participant Fee

*prices subject to change