When do my reserved dates lock in?

All dates are tentatively scheduled when the online reservation is submitted. Dates are not locked in until the group non-refundable registration fee is received and CrossVenture staff confirms the dates with the leader.

Can my son or daughter register by themselves?

CrossVenture|Coastal is a camp program open to individuals and groups. Individuals can register on their own, however individual participants under 18 will need to provide their parent/guardian’s contact information. We recommend group leaders to register their group

What is the minimum/maximum size group you can accommodate?

We require a minimum of eight participants per session and can accommodate up to twelve, including leaders. Two or more churches may join together to reach recommended group size. We’ll do our best to combine individuals and groups together.

What if I cannot get the required minimum of eight participants?

Give us a call if you cannot quite get eight participants together (704-843-6431); there may be room for you with another group. Another option is to get in touch with other churches, schools, family, or friends in your area and combine efforts to get the minimum together.

What are the accommodations like?

Participants will stay in bunk-style housing at retreat or camp centers near water, such as Ft. Caswell.

What about food?

Food will be provided and prepared either through the retreat center or by CrossVenture staff.

What types of groups are likely to come to CrossVenture | Coastal?

For those considering attending as a group, the program is suited for youth and college age groups. Family/multi-generational groups are also welcome, as long as all participants still meet the minimum age requirement (see below).. CrossVenture programming is interactive and has physical components with its maritime modules, but it is also reflective. It is designed to equip participants with greater knowledge and experience in maritime skills while encouraging them to see how God could use their unique skills and interests in missions.

What age is CrossVenture|Coastal most geared for?

CrossVenture|Coastal is designed with participants in high school and older in mind. Minimum age for participants is 14 years old.

Do I need to know how to swim?

You do not need to know how to swim but of course it’s helpful. Participants will always wear life jackets on the boat and in the water, so even a non-swimmer can participate in most of our program.

What leadership is expected for student groups?

If registering as a group, we require two adults, regardless of your group size. If more than one gender is represented, there needs to be a leader for each gender group. NOTE: Groups may be divided for certain maritime activities depending on the size of the group.

What is expected of adult leaders?

Adult leaders are responsible for supervising their group, leading evening devotions, caring for any personal medical needs, and participating in all activities. Our staff are trained in basic first aid.

What about transportation to, from, and during CrossVenture | Coastal?

Groups are responsible for their own transportation to/from CrossVenture|Coastal. During the program there will be minimal need for travel, but groups may decide to drive to the beach or a local ice cream shop during their freetime.

What is the typical schedule like?

Arrival: Monday between 2:30-3:30pm. Departure: Saturday between 7-10am. Each day consists of activities focused on maritime and missions. Each day of the program will start at 7am and run until approximately 9pm.

Why doesn’t CrossVenture include a service project element?

CrossVenture programs are designed to build the foundational understanding of missions. CrossVenture|Coastal specifically focuses on giving participants as much time as possible on the water and actually operating our boats. If you are looking for more of a service opportunity for your group, check out JAARS Mission Teams.

What does CrossVenture|Coastal cost?*

We price our program according to the total cost of covering food, lodging, staff, and non-boat related expenses. All boat related expenses (fuel, docking, maintenance, etc) are covered by JAARS. Cost per person is $600-$750 depending upon how many participants we have.

For a camp with the maximum of twelve participants the cost is $600/person.
For a camp with the minimum of eight the cost is $750/person.

*prices subject to change