Course Overview


Knowing how to build and sustain healthy relationships is paramount to success in any multicultural, multigenerational, global team organization. ICC will give you opportunities to:

  • deepen your personal relationship with the Lord
  • strengthen interpersonal and team building skills
  • interact with experienced missionaries
  • participate in small group discussions and activities
  • understand differing worldviews
  • acquire tools for multicultural, multigenerational team ministry, language learning, and conflict resolution


ICC is a 4 week course offered twice a year.

  • Classes begin on Wednesday morning at 8:15am
  • Location is Piper Training Center (PTC) #115 classroom
  • Doors to the classroom open at 8:05am
  • Class is from 8:15 to 11:50 a.m., Monday through Friday
  • Three to four afternoons a week, you will have required or elective classes
  • You will be assigned an international church in the Charlotte area to attend each weekend. If you do not have a vehicle arrangements will be made for you to carpool with someone else.

Program Content

Spiritual Vitality

Spiritual Vitality is the essence of the entire course. It is vital for you to have a strong spiritual foundation as you prepare to serve the Lord anywhere in the world. Identity in Christ, unity, authority of the Bible, respecting authority, the sovereignty of God, and forgiveness are studied from Scripture and discussed.

Worldview & Culture Acquisition

Worldview classes expand how you view other cultures, ethnicities, and language groups while exploring how personal worldviews impact your responses and possible change to perspectives. You will learn about Guilt/Fear/Shame cultures, core values of culture, and the difference between biblical absolutes and cultural applications.

Multicultural and Multigenerational Teams

Multicultural and multigenerational team skills are necessary to be a productive ministry worker. During ICC you will learn about dealing with conflict biblically, impact awareness, crisis management, and living in community. Time is spent coaching and helping you learn about your strengths and how you can best contribute to a team.


There are two language tracks. Depending on your prior experience with language training, you are assigned to one track.

  • Language Acquisition teaches the Total Physical Response Method (TPR) and other practical tools for language learning, with the opportunity to personalize and practice them.
  • Language Partnerships explores methods, team dynamics, and cultural protocols for Bible translation and language programs. You will have the opportunity to analyze case studies and apply partnering principles.

ICC Coaching & Recommendations

Our staff is focused on preparing you to meet the challenges and joys of partnering in multicultural, multigenerational organizations. You will receive ongoing, individualized coaching throughout the course. At the end of ICC you will receive a document with our observations of attributes and recommendations of areas needing further support and/or growth for service at home or abroad. This personalized feedback will be discussed with you and will be sent to your appropriate administrator.

Add-On Training Courses

Below are other elective training courses you may want to take while you’re here at JAARS. Since most of these courses are offered before ICC begins or after it ends, please make travel and housing arrangements accordingly.

Security - Not Offered at this time

JAARS occasionally hosts a 3.5-day course designed to promote security awareness and risk preparedness for serving in the context of global ministry, but it is not offered on JAARS base at this time. See alternative courses below.

Concilium delivers a highly practical and theologically grounded course, which gives participants tools to handle very real dangers faced by field personnel. The content of this course is focused on the individual or family unit and equips participants for resiliency in ministry. You can view upcoming CAST training in their course calendar.

CCI (Crisis Consulting International) is another theologically sound organization that offers training programs that are focused on organizational needs and will tailor the program to meet those needs. Look at the training programs they offer to see if any fit your needs, timing, and location.

Sea Operations

Travel by water is often required in parts of the world where Bible translation is still needed. JAARS Sea Ops offers a variety of training options to reduce the risks of physical and psychological trauma in water travel and increase the chances of surviving a water emergency.


Water Travel Safety 

Two half-day sessions (one in class, one in water), offered as an elective during ICC. Recommended for all ICC participants, but specifically geared towards those anticipating service in coastal, lake, or river allocations.

Whole families are welcome and encouraged to participate.



Additional Training Opportunities:

Small Boat Operations (Prerequisite: Water Travel Safety)

Two and a half to three days

Successful completion includes NC Boater Safety and USPB Safe Powerboat Handling certifications.


Outboard Motor Maintenance 

One day (9am-3pm)



Land Operations

JAARS offers a variety of training options designed for those who will be serving overseas.

½- to 1-Day Manual Transmission Drivers Training
3-Day 4WD Training & Advanced Recovery Training



2- to 2.5-Day Motorcycle Basic Riding and Maintenance Skills Course



Individual consultation available for specialized advice on vehicle and equipment selection, maintenance, etc.