A $75 cancellation fee per person may be charged for materials if you cancel or postpone less than 8 weeks before the start of a session.

Child Safeguarding Training

All ICC participants must complete the JAARS Child Safeguarding Training prior to the course. You will be contacted by the Director of Third Culture Kid Care & Education if you need to complete it. Your registration will be cancelled if you do not complete the training by the due date.


We recommend that you arrive at least one full day prior to the ICC course to:

  • complete necessary HR processes and receive your access badge
  • if you have children, introduce them to their age-appropriate programs
  • grocery shop

Do not plan to depart until after noon of the final day. If you are departing by airplane, train, or bus, schedule your departure for after 3:00 p.m. of the final day.


Your attendance is required for all classes. ICC begins on Wednesday morning at 8:15am. Two to three afternoons/evenings a week you may have either required sessions or electives. You will also be assigned to an international church in the Charlotte area to attend each weekend.

Class Participation

ICC requires your full participation due to the intensity of the course. Clinic appointments, meetings with ministry partners, outside work assignments, visits from your family and friends, and other events should be scheduled before or after the month-long training.

Assignment Expectations

You will have daily and weekend assignments that must be completed. Contact us if you have challenges that need to be discussed.

Assessment Criteria

ICC is an evaluative course. Our staff are focused on preparing you to meet the challenges and joys of partnering in multicultural, multigenerational organizations. Ongoing, individualized coaching will be given to you throughout the course. A final, written assessment of readiness and a possible growth plan will be sent to the appropriate administrator(s) of your mission agency.

Dress Code

Please wear modest, business casual attire for class each day within these guidelines:

  • No low-cut shirts, crop tops or spaghetti straps
  • No shorts for men or women, yoga pants or leggings
  • Shoes are required
  • Dressier attire is recommended for your international church attendance


Phones, tablets, and laptops are not to be used in the classroom. The only exception is the use of a tablet for the Cross Cultural Servanthood book and a laptop on the first day. There is a WhatsApp group with childcare staff that is monitored by the back of the room staff. ICC staff will then notify the parent that their child needs them.

Child Immunization

Effective March 1, 2015, for enrollment at MK Station, immunization is required by law in North Carolina. It is mandatory for your child to be and to remain up to date on his or her immunization to be eligible for the MK Station. (does not refer to Covid-19 vaccine)