Session 1 Objectives

1. To provide our MKs with the chance to explore the advantages and possible experiences in making a move to a new country (mobility).

2. To provide our MKs with the opportunity to explore the possible challenges and/or difficulties in mobility.

3. To provide MKs the platform where they can express their possible doubts and anxieties  about moving and provide methods to ease the transition to a new location.

4. To provide MKs with a safe place to share their memories of the places they have lived.

5. To provide MKs the necessary tools to heal any broken relationships in the previous or current locations.

6. To provide MKs the opportunity to realize the new skills they will acquire through mobility.


You, as parents, have a vital and critical role of coming alongside your child/children to assist them in their transition to a new location. Through children’s literature, we will approach the issue of mobility. This session will provide a better understanding of mobility and assist your child’s/children’s adjustment to a new situation. It will provide your child/children the opportunity to express their worries and concerns and help them explore what home means to them.

Lessons on Mobility

Lesson 1

“Gila Monsters Meet You at the Airport”
by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

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Lesson 2

“Painted Words, Spoken Memories”
by Aliki

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Lesson 3

Keep it REAL: “Repair”
by Anchor Education

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Activity Materials List

Daily Materials
  • A notebook for each child to write in
  • A folder to hold worksheets and crafts
  • A computer with the ability to play audio
  • Writing and drawing utensils (pencils, crayons, markers, etc.)
Lesson 1: Gila Monster Craft
  • Base Materials:
    • Glue 
    • Scissors
  • Materials for Option 1:
    • Wooden craft spoon
    • Three brown pipe cleaners
    • Glue gun
    • Magnet strips
    • Brown and tan paint
    • Paint brushes
  • Materials for Option 2:
    • Printer access
    • Cardstock (recommended) or blank printer paper
    • 10 mm googly eyes
    • Drawing materials
Lesson 2: Five Senses of a Place Activity
  • Base Materials:
    • Large paper OR whiteboard
    • Drawing materials
Lesson 3: REAL Worksheet and Screwdriver Line Art
  • Base Materials:
    • Printer access 
    • Drawing materials
    • Blank printer paper

Credits and Special Thanks

Some of the basic objectives and concepts in the following lessons have been drawn from ideas presented in New Kid in School: Using Literature to Help Children in Transition by Debra Rader and Linda Harris Sittig.

REAL Activities and video have been used with the permission of Anchor Education.

Thanks also goes to Lynda Shingledecker Wheeler for her contributions.

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