Posted on July 12, 2021 in Outreach


Day 1 – Everyone had good flights and arrived safely at camp just in time for dinner. Meetings and clean-up duty lasted until we were all exhausted and went to bed!

On our way!
Eating together with the team.
Home sweet home!


Day 2 – Breakfast, church, and a team meeting took up our morning. This afternoon we explored the area where we’ll have VBS tomorrow and passed out flyers inviting neighborhood children to join us. We found the people to be extremely friendly and look forward to seeing who God brings to us and to Himself. We also met Miss Renee who we will be serving in the afternoon. She is a joy and so appreciative of the help we will be able to provide.
God’s promise in the sky. The end to our second day.

Day 3 by Sheri Mergenthal

This team made us proud by working so hard today! Kitchen duty after breakfast started our service. Five precious children attended VBS this morning, but they will probably be joined tomorrow by those enrolled in the community rec department’s childcare program! After our packed lunch we were off to help Ms Renee. Wire brushes and scrapers became the girls’ closest companions for the next 3 hours. Ladies ministered to our host with words of encouragement, housekeeping, and organization. Our fearless leader Keith, had the privilege of winning the “messiest person” award by pressure washing the cement porch. Dinner, clean-up, church meeting and bathroom duty ended our day. Attitudes remain high, a testimony of true followers of Jesus and the faithful prayers of so many of you. Keep it up!

More children are expected the rest of the week since the Community Recreation Department’s Campers have been given permission to attend. Thanks, Keith for working through the hoops to make it happen.

Activities to go with the lesson.

Great crafts to go with the Bible lesson.


Day 4 – by Sheri Mergenthal
These 4 children must be very precious in God’s sight, as he provided a team of 9 just for them today! Please continue to pray that all those God wants will come on the next 3 days. White was the color of the afternoon — on hands, clothes, grass, …and oh, a fence too! More housekeeping & prayer were in process in the house and on the front porch. We take turns sitting in the “Prayer Chair” so all are supported in the spiritual as well as the physical realm.
Four precious ones
Group picture
Hard at work
Looking good!


Day 5 – by Sheri Mergenthal

Today at VBS we heard about Joseph and how even when things didn’t turn out as Joseph expected (or wanted) God still had a plan to accomplish his purposes. We not only heard that lesson, but lived it as well — the only child attending VBS was the daughter of camp staff. We’re all pretty tired, so the free afternoon will certainly be a blessing!

…Well the “tired” seemed to disappear when we got to Tygart Lake. We had SO much fun on the lake equipment! A special dinner completed a well needed break preparing us for hard work again tomorrow.
She is very precious in God’s site



Group teaching
Refreshing afternoon
Delicious dinner

Day 7 – Sheri Mergenthal

Sorry all for not posting yesterday; we were kept pretty busy. We were on clean-up duty Friday, so KP after breakfast and dinner then bathroom cleaning after evening meetings. Whew!

Doubling our attendance from the previous day, one of the girls from Monday returned to VBS reporting sickness had kept her and her friends away Tue-Thurs. She was better, but the others were still not well enough to attend. After lunch and farewells to Ms Renee, Sheri and the girls returned to camp to clear the amphitheater area of weeds in preparation for the arrival of a larger group Saturday afternoon while the remaining adults finished up at Ms Renee’s.
Day 8 – We’re all at the airport. See you soon!!