Spiritual & Relational Vitality Team (SRV)

The SRV team exists to facilitate events to strengthen mission partners for service together. We work with your team to increase spiritual formation, communication, relationships, alignment, execution, and capacity. We have cross-cultural experience leading interactive events on five continents for SIL, WGA, Seed Company, and many local partners.

Spiritual Retreats

The SRV Team facilitates spiritual retreats that encourage:

  • Rest and renewal
  • Regained focus
  • Community and individual time with God
  • Setting a new trajectory

Individual, Team, & Leader Development

Possible topics:

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Cycle of Grace vs. Cycle of Exhaustion
  • Fostering Collaboration
  • Thriving or Leading in Conflict or Change
  • Multigenerational Team Dynamics

“The humility and vulnerability of this team was very impressive for all of us. Their teachings helped us to understand better our position and identity in Christ, and how to work in unity in spite of our cultural differences and heavy historical burden, through the cross and forgiveness in Christ…”

– Adolfo (Lima, Peru)

“One thing I am taking away… is that I am Beloved of the Lord. It’s not about what I am doing.”

– Pauline (Nairobi, Kenya)

Rates & More

For rates and more information, contact Marty Barkey at