High School Missions

Why a mission trip for MKs?

In our opinion, MKs make the best missionaries. What other people group in the world is quicker to adapt to cross cultural settings, has healthy compassion for the needy, and a love for Jesus?

Unlike so many other short term mission trips available to you, JAARS High School Mission Opportunities are designed specifically to help MKs discern if God is calling them to full time missions as an adult. Our trips give you the opportunity to come out of your parents’ shadow and get a bigger picture of what it is to be a missionary. Our trips are set up to help you see if missions is just something you enjoy, or is something you are actually called to do.

Each of our trips expose participants to a variety of different ministries. Throughout the trip you will be asked to consider what it would take to serve in those various areas and if God is asking you to pursue it.

Regardless of who you are and where you’ve come from, there are two goals for the participants. First, you will better understand your individual spiritual gifts/calling and set goals to begin implementing those into your life. Second, you will grow in personal ownership of the Great Commission and become passionate about evangelism, whether in the foreign field or in your passport country.

Why mission opportunities with JAARS? Basically you are looking for clarification of how God is calling you to be involved in the Great Commission.

Come join us in this opportunity to explore how God may be calling you into future ministry!

Recent Trips

The summer of 2021 we get the opportunity to partner with Refuge 139 to send a team down to Fairmont, WV and run a Domestic Refuge 139 Program for our MKs. The summer of 2022 some of our students traveled to Germany with Refuge 139 to provide care for children.




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