Jaars Center

Why We Serve

More than 600 million people speaking roughly 5,100 languages have less than a full New Testament in the language they value most.

Bible translation is about giving people the best resource for knowing God—in a language that speaks to their minds and hearts. That’s the simple answer. Translation impacts people in many ways, and it looks different for every community. Everything we do goes back to making Bible translation possible in the world’s most remote and difficult places to reach.

The Bible Matters

It’s the whole story. From Genesis to Revelation, we see the full picture of God’s love, holiness, and redemption of humanity. We can’t understand its depths by reading short excerpts, or by relying on someone else to tell us about it.

Language Matters

It’s more than a set of sounds, symbols, and syntax. Language shapes how you see the world. It’s intimately tied to your culture, history, and identity as a person. And throughout your life, it dictates what information you can and can’t understand.
Communities Matter

Communities Matter

Bible translation is usually part of a much bigger package. A translation team typically creates a writing system, starts literacy classes, and improves education. They might also tackle other pressing needs, like health, agriculture, income, or clean water.